Battle Wagon Trailers 12in Drop Frame, 42ft



Battle Wagon Trailers

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New!! Battle Wagon Drop Deck Trailer. 42' by 102" Air Ride. Built on a 12" drop to lower trailers center of gravity, and increase loading capacity height. All while still having 11R 22.5 14PR Firestone FS 560 tires. All 4x4x1/4" Bolster stakes standing at 5 feet above deck allowing for a 93 1/4" inside width capacity for log loading. All bolster stakes are removable and able to stored on frame of trailer to obtain at full 102" width trailer. 30" king pin on a 12' neck, Heavy 5"x5" dolly down landing gear. Bulk Head, Chain Box, All LED lights, push bumper, 3 straps per bunk to catch ALL forestry products needs. Call Battle Wagon Today 260-623-3322.