2009 John Deere 703JH Harvesters and Processors$149,900

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6103 Baich Road
Chisholm, MN 55719
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  • Year:2009
  • Make:John Deere
  • Model:703JH
  • Hours/Mileage:14000




09' John Deere 703JH w/ Waratah 622B Processing Head, 14K Hours, Equiped w/ Supercut bottom saw, top saw, New bottom saw motor, Feed Roller, Measuring Wheel, Hyd pumps Resealed with in last 800 hrs, Tight Booms, Strong Running Machine, Everything Works as it Should, Espar Pre Heater, (New Control Board & Blower Motor in Heater) $149,900 obo 218-969-7174

Seller Information


6103 Baich Road
Chisholm, MN 55719Map It



View Seller's Entire Inventory and Information