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Yates American N-4 Single Spindle Shaper, with 1-1/8" Dia. solid spindle. -- 5 HP - 3,600 RPM motor belt drives spindle at 6,000 RPM, with new oil bath ball bearings running in spindle oil. -- 5" usable spindle above table, with 3-1/4" vertical spindle adjustment. This shaper has spiral gears and a hoist screw to make height changes more precise than any other mechanical shaper. -- 38" x 44" reground cast iron table, 36" table height. German Shaper Fence with fine adjustment. -- Complete with: Magnetic starter, push button controls and foot pedal spindle brake. -- Price includes a $500.00 Adjustable Carbide groover with a dial.
Equipment Location:WEST COAST
Torry Hiddema
800-374-5009 ext:371