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WRIGHT W-150HB-B Automatic Face and Topper -- Heavy duty automatic saw sharpener for side grinding of carbide saw blades. Circular saw size 6" to 48". Blades up to 36" dia. are ground automatically; blades up to 48" are ground manually on this machine. -- (2) 3/4 HP motors for each grinding spindle, with spindle speed of 5,150 RPM's. -- Includes the following features: Grinds radial angles from 0 to 4ø; tangential angles of 0 to 6ø; and hook angles from -15ø to 45ø. Grinding accuracy +/- .0003. Filtered full flood coolant grind (oil cooled), tooth counter with Auto-stop, pressure saw clamp, precision bevel adjustment, load monitor, power hook adjustment and saw diameter Auto-set and micrometer plate adjustment. -- Note: Seller ran all oil in production - well maintained.
Equipment Location:WEST COAST
Mark Green
800-374-5009 ext:332