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WEINIG POWERMAT 400/017 Through Feed Moulder;5-Head (B-R-L-T-B), working cap. 9-1/16" x 4-3/4". -- Head sequence: Bottom 10 HP, right/left 15 HP, top 15 HP, and bottom 10 HP motor. All spindles and tool holders with electronic "Smart" brakes. -- Spindle/Tools: Standard spindle #1; 1-1/2" dia. cutterhead speed with of 6,000 RPM; WEINIG "Powerlock" tool holders on #2 - #5; with tool speed of 6,000 RPM; motorized positioning of tool holders on #2,3,4,5 radial and feed beam. Cutting circles of 7-7/8" max. on tool holders #2 - #6, adjustable table plates to cutting circles for vertical spindles; -- CNC: WEINIG POWERCOM "Touch-Screen" software with: Electronic LED readouts to all spindles & tool holders; PowerCom software system features: Profile drawing storage, profile dimensions, tool changes and production optimization. PowerCom control panel mounted in electrical cabinet attached to machine; LED readouts to chipbreaker & pressure element. Modem for external diagnostic. Diagnostic system and phone modem. -- Feed system: Variable speed 4 HP Invertor controlled feed motor, feed rate of 18 - 100 FPM. ; hardened infeed bed plates before & after 1st bottom head; 210 mm wide powered table rollers at outfeed. -- Tables and Fences: Straightening table 2.0 m (6' 6"), adjustable fence and adjustable table; Marathon coated tables and fences; Central location of lubrication points, lateral side pressure roller mounted at infeed, full safety hood/sound enclosure, electromagnetic interlocking of safety hood, manual Waxilit pump, and (1) light inside sound enclosure. -- Includes: Multi-height pressure shoe, Adjustable left fence after left spindle, (20) heads and manuals and set up tools.Package includes: WEINIG OCMS measuring stand PowerCom for tool set up.
Equipment Location:SOUTHWEST
Mark Green
800-374-5009 ext:332