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POWER SUPPLY AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEM -- The plant facilities are served by 480 volts 3 phase electricity, with this system there is a 500 KVA transformer and (2) 400 amp 3 phase main disconnect, a double run of 350 MCM copper entrance cable, and all cable is underground in 4" pvc pipe. -- Inside the plant there is a 1200 amp General Electric electronic breaker which has a built-in surge protector and a ground detector, a 120 and 240 volts sinle phase step-down transformer. -- The Master motor control center houses all the motor starters with individual breakers and controls for the entire plant. -- The electrical system has been designed so that the entire plant can be shut down from any of he three emergency shutdown stations.
Equipment Location:SOUTHWEST
Jim Reedy
800-374-5009 ext:455