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TORIT 376RFW10, 48,920 CFM @ 10:1 Air-to-cloth ratio, 140" dia. round baghouse with (376) filter bags of 10' length (oval bags provide for radial movement of bag during cleaning for longer life), total 4,892 sq. ft. filter area. -- Filtration media cleaning via 7.5 HP medium pressure air pump (eliminates the need for compressed air which can be susceptible to condensation and freezing); 36" x 65" return air outlet and 48" x 48" inlet for dust laden air. -- Features: Rotating cleaning air manifold driven by 0.33 HP motor, (1) NEMA-9 solenoid and diaphragm valve which rotates over the bag openings, walk-in plenum for bag access/maintenance. Galvanized steel bag frames (NO BAGS INCLUDED) with positive bag bolt down to eliminate leakage and ride-up of bags once installed; walk-in acess door at top of ladder.. -- Complete with: Structural steel support, maintenance platform, caged ladder, bolt-on involute arm, explosion doors -- Includes a Blower fan with 200 HP motor, 24" Rotary Air Lock at the bottom of the 60° hopper, ductwork from blower to baghouse (please specify if required- depending on shipping cost). -- Features: Totally insulated shell, as pictured, (insulation around openings, lift points, areas laid down on flatbed) will be disturbed and no warranty can be made as to how much insulation will be intact at those vunerable locations due to dismantle and shipping). --PRICE includes dismantling & loading on flat bed trucks. Please call for freight quote.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
Tony Cornacchione
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