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SORBINI T/20-2MF Double Head Differential Roll Coater,51" Width cap., all functions PLC controlled, (2) 9.8" dia. applicator rolls, 6.8" dia. hard chromed doctor rolls, chromed wiper blades with precision control on applicator & doctor rolls. -- (2) 1 HP Motors with AC inverter control on applicator rolls, (2) 0.5 HP motors with AC inverter control on doctor rolls, speed control on all rolls. -- 3-15/16" Part thickness opening with dial indicator readouts mounted in both hand wheels, "quick change" feature of applicator rolls; variable conveyor feed speed from 20 - 80 FPM, 1 HP AC inverted control for speed control. -- Complete with: Fluid pump with automatic low level fill, return trough, and automatic cleaning system.
Equipment Location:WEST COAST