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SELCO WN 610 FRONT LOAD, AUTOMATIC PANEL SAW: -- Specifications:149" (3,800 mm) Overall cutting length & pull back; 3.74" (95 mm) max. saw blade projection. 380 mm Main saw blade, 200 mm score blade. 23 HP (17.3 kW) Main & 3.5 HP (2.6 kW) scoring motor -- Saw Carriage:Variable saw carriage travel speed from 0 - 459 FPM (0 - 140 MPM), return speed 459 FPM (140 MPM); -- Pusher Fence:Electronically controlled overhead program fence, rack & pinion driven, & by AC brushless Servo motors. Forward speed of 0 - 295 FPM (0 - 90 MPM), return speed of 295 FPM (90 MPM),Automatic ejection of all cuts and rear trim beyond the cut-line.(7) Self-leveling clamps, of which (4) are closely spaced in crosscut area and the other (3) are at equal distance in rip cut area; 90 mm opening. -- Operator & Machine Control:Selco "OSI" (Open Selco Interface) + Windows operating system;19" Analog flat panel color monitor (wide); alphanumeric keyboard; Mouse; DVD-ROM; Ethernet PCI card; Intel microprocessor;The use of a commercial PC to control the machine gives: maximum flexibility of use, simultaneous run of multiple functions, the ability to use different application software (optimiser, etc.…); integration with the company software network; etc. Full automatic optimizing of all machine movements; automatic cut quality control sets optimum blade height and cutting speed for stack of panels being cut & trim cut size. Easy programming of even complex cutting patterns with real-time graphic simulation and operator messaging; interactive execution of cuts and grooves, even on recuts; built-n diagnostic and troubleshooting program. -- Complete with:86.6" (2,200 mm) Long crosscut fence (front-to-back), "Quick Change" saw blade replacement system,"Digiset" electronic scoring adjustment managed from the "OSI" control. Modular roller rear machine table, Cross-cut aligners integrated with the saw carriage to accurately position book of panels against the right angle fence prior to cutting.(3) Front mounted air float tables with rounded front for moving panel from rip to crosscut position 24.4" x 80.7" each (620 x 2,050 mm);Rear of machine partially enclosed for safety. -- Options Include:(4) Sets of main & scoring blades, (2) sets like new. -- Actual Model is SELCO WN 610
Equipment Location:EASTERN CDN
Bob Bullin
800-374-5009 ext:346