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REFORM AR 36 TYPE 6 Automatic Knife Grinder with working length to 144" Working dimensions 144" X 6" for straight knifes, chipper knives, paper or planer knives. (3) grinding modes Creep Feed, Reciprocal grind and Manual Down grind -- Machine ways: The REFORM carriage allows for easy wheel changing and adjustment from the front of the machine. The carriage rides on hardened precision ground steel bands. -- Grinding head carriage: The wide carriage design provides for even load distribution and rigidity. The head is carried on (2) sets of (4) bearings for the horizontal movement and they are adjustable. The (4) bearings used on the carriage side adjustment maintain high accuracy during grinding. -- Grinding head: It is driven by a 10 HP motor with a rim speed of 1,450 RPM. The head is slewable (tiltable) for Concave and Surface grinding. -- Head speed up and down the slides is from 6 FPM to 100 FPM with 2,4 HP motor. Grinding wheel has a 10" diameter wheel plus backer plate for quick changeover. -- Downfeed and control of grinding head: The primary head utilizes a servo motor coupled with an oversized "Ball Screw" to eliminate any play in the movement. The automatic electronic downfeed utilizes a AC servo motor with Digital electronic controls and positioning readouts. -- Adjustment from 0.00008" up to 0.008 stroke dowfeed . Grinding programs included in the Grinding cycle; Roughing, Finishing, Spark out and Reposition of the head to start point for "restart". -- Magnetic clamping table: (3) - rotating beds --144" x 6" Magnetic table width -- magnetized right to the edges for positive holding capacity through out the table length and width. The table is swivelable on a HD pivot shaft. Coolant tank (oil) 150 gal. with 17 GPM out puts at top head; also includes wash down hose to wash knives prior to removing from the bed. Includes: Operating manuals.
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Mark Green
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