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QUINCY QSI-370 75 HP Rotary Screw Compressor. -- "QSI" Series "Rotary Screw" type Air Compressor with oversized rotors, low 1,800 RPM, and standard on-board controller for continuous plant operation; 325 CFM @ 125 PSIG (7.6 BAR). -- Equipped with: Air-Cooled Cooler; triplex discharge end bearings, full-flow fluid pump, axial flow inlet housing, warning & shutdown annunciator, full-voltage magnetic starter, mounted & wired, flexible dropout coupling with OSHA guard. -- Complete with: Heavy Duty structural steel base, sound enclosure, 2-stage air/fluid separation, full-flow, 12-micron fluid filter, Heavy Duty intake filter. -- Auto dual-control with modulation, percent capacity gauge, after-cooler with pre-piped moisture separator & trap, package discharge check valve.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
Jim Reedy
800-374-5009 ext:455