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PRODUCTIZATION 10 Ft. x 42 Ft. "Quad-Pass" Rotary Drum Dryer. The components include the drum, drum drive, and trunions. -- The QuadPass patented design concept (Dryers now sold by DUPPS) seeking lower VOC emissions and brighter wood production. The minimized time in the direct heat provides a gentle initial zone while allowing for better spreading and separation of the particles for more uniform drying. Finer particles are swept away quicker from the high heat zone and therefore are dried more uniformly with reduced chance of fire as well. The final pass allows for direct discharge of the material as opposed to the exit of an ordinary three-pass dryer where much of the material must be scooped up from the bottom of the drum by the flighting and dropped into the airstream. -- The PRODUCTIZATION wedge type track mounting system was designed to allow for much easier changing of the drum tracks (drum forged steel tire) than with more common "weld-on- track" type system. Drums and tracks do not expand/contract at exactly the same rate causing a stress between the two components. The wedge system is more commonly found on dryers in heavy industrial applications such as sand drying or on rotary kilns for minerals.
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