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MID-OREGON Lateral Chain Moulder/Ripsaw InfeedFor feed through moulders or ripsaws; Feeds left to right. The MID-OREGON's cap.: 65" W. x 104" L. x 33" T" with 2" working height. Feed speeds of 20 - 0 FPM via inverter controlled drive to (2) bottom rollers. -- The feeder consists of 93" deep x 20' long lateral feeding (5) chain deck, (2) top & bottom roller infeed system, The 1st upper roller is controlled by a proximity sensor and adjustable timing device. -- The pinch roller setup propels each workpiece to the drive roller combination; driving the piece toward the Moulder. -- The upper Urethane rollers are pneumatically controlled in order to handle differences n workpiece thickness. -- The chain Deck lateral transport system chains tracking on UHMW wear strips for maintenance-free operation. -- A separate motor with variable speed control provides power and control to the chains.
Equipment Location:SOUTHEAST
Bob Dykstra
800-374-5009 ext:378