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MATTISON 86 PLC Heavy Duty Rotary Production Lathe, Fully Automatic with Servo Control on all Axis.Rotary Turning Lathe with max. 48" length of stock between centers. Max. - Min. stock size is 3/4" - 4" square. -- Drives & Feeds: Dual 10 HP servomotor motors on head/tailstock for cutterhead shaft, with variable cutterhead turning speed. Servo Controlled variable speed stock rotation of 1 - 200 RPM. Gradual movement of carriage/stock toward cutterhead with a feed rate of 0.1 to 1000 inch/min; achieved with ball screw/servo motor control. -- Equipped with: Auto loading of square or round stock with hopper feed. Programmable Logic Control (PLC) of all motions using Servo Control for motors with ballscrews on all axis, ensuring more accuracy and precision in the settings and provides higher productivity and a much higher degree of safety than its previous non PLC models. This automation allows the user to control the position of the turning at all times and provides carriage repeatability. -- Carriage Feed Movement: Carriage slides on linear bearings with (3) programmable Feed Zones which allows a fine carriage feed as low as 0.1 inch/min in the areas of heavy material removal. Features: SYNCHRONIZED Head and Tailstock Drive Motors; provides a fine degree of alignment. POSITIVE Stock Centering; Electronic Camming: Electronic follower senses the shape of cam that moves the assembly accordingly, without back pressure; Hopper Loading permits round stock as well as square. -- Complete with: Auto unloading using a narrow powered belt conveyor which carries finished turnings out to the right side, for example into sander, a box or for stacking.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
Tony Cornacchione
800-374-5009 ext:432