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M-E-C Dryer 13’x60’ Dryer System with Dust Burner. This System is complete with the following components: -- 40 MM BTU McCONNELL Dust Burner with back-up Oil Burner. -- 13’ x 60’ M-E-C Triple-pass Rotary Dryer Drum. -- All Controls. -- Receiving Cyclone & Multi-clones. -- Main Fan with Fan Motor. -- Discharge Stack. -- All related ducting and steel structure. -- Plans, Manuals and Blueprints as available. -- Professional Rigging and Removal is available. -- Note: This is one dryer system despite where two or more may appear in different photos. -- This beautiful System was originally installed in 1989, upgraded by M-E-C in 1995, and then continued in operation from 1995 to 2003. Although the equipment is now about 25 yrs old, it has only been operated for about half that time and was always housed indoors in a supervised environment.
Equipment Location:EASTERN CDN
Bill Christoffersen
800-374-5009 ext:365