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LOCATELLI 'ARIETE 3' Automatic Lathe with chuck loader and hydraulically powered centering collet for the production of small turned wooden pieces using square section stock. -- Max. length of workpiece is 4-3/4" (120 mm) with end boring and 5-15/16" (150 mm) without end boring. Max. turning diameter is 3-1/8" (80 mm). -- Dual speed self-braking mandrel, 4.5/5.5 HP motor with (4) working speeds of 1,300 - 1,850 - 2,600 & 3,700 RPM. 3 HP - 1,400 RPM Hydraulic pump unit. -- Equipped with: Tool holder group for pendulum rough turning, finishing tool holder group, tailstock for drilling and/or milling, and parting tool holder assembly. The tailstock has a rapid advance device, intermediate release, adjustable final pause, and blower for drilling bits. -- Operated by programmable logic control with display for the easy setting of the work cycles. -- Steady rest which does not require grease, eliminating a possible fire hazard and intensive maintenance. -- All the machine functions are electronically and independently programmable achieving the highest efficiency for each cutting operation.
Equipment Location:SOUTHWEST
Tony Cornacchione
800-374-5009 ext:432