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KUNDIG BRILLIANT 3-1100RRDKD Wide Belt Sander, 3-Heads; -- 43" Width cap. Drum, Drum, Oblique Sanding Platen. Head Configuration: -- 1st Head: Contact roll, 30 HP motor. -- 2nd Head: Contact roll, 30 HP motor. -- 3rd Head: Combination head with rubber covered contact roller, Shore hardness 30, spiral grooved, and electronic controlled segments, microprocessor-controlled with 35 mm wide segments. -- Oblique Sanding: Oblique sanding we call the sanding process developed by the KÜNDIG AG at which the sanding unit rotates slightly oblique to the feed belt. That way, especially in the highest quality range, considerably better results are achieved.Specifications: -- Abrasive belt size 43” x 126” with air tensioning & electronic abrasive belt tracking, all heads with abrasive grit sequence adjustment. -- Conveyor belt feed with 1 HP variable feed drive, 9 - 45 FPM feed speed with inverter control, joystick control for conveyor start and stop. -- Infeed & outfeed rubber covered holddown rollers. -- 1/8" - 6-1/4" Max. motorized thickness opening with joystick control. -- LED readout of thickness, part "over-thickness" protection, automatic conveyor belt tracking. -- Constant Pass.Line Features: -- Emergency stop button, motor load meters, magnetic controls.NOTE: The sander needs a new sensor that controls the electronic segments (the sander runs fine without the segments operating). Specs to be verified.
Equipment Location:GREAT PLAINS
Joe Retzlaff
800-374-5009 ext:348