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HAPFO AP-5000 HYDRO KING Hydraulic Copy Lathe with Rope/Twist Feature. Turns balusters, newel posts, columns up to 96" in length with a max. dia. of 9-3/4" (without steady rest). -- Capacity: 98" (2500 mm) Max. between centers, approx. 96" (2400 mm) copy length. 3-1/2" Max. part dia. with revolving steady rest, 5-7/8" max. with copying unit, 9-5/8" max. for manual turning. -- Spindle/Feed motors: 2.5 HP spindle motor, (6) speeds 600 - 900 - 1,200 - 1,500 - 1,800 & 3,000 RPM. Carriage feed drive motor is 0.5 HP DC motor with infinitely variable speed. -- Copier: Turning accomplished with a single Tantung gouge on hydraulic copying unit on tool post with highly-sensitive tracer requiring only 2.3 ounce (65 grams) pressure. Pre-rounding tool. 5.9" (150 mm) stroke, working on both wooden samples and profile templates. -- Features: Spiral/Twist feature on KING model uses a far more powerful & quiet induction motor (not router motor). Will do a rope/twist on the full 96" of length. Length capacity extended slightly by owner. -- Includes: Revolving travelling steady rest. Capable of (2) working passes on the profile. Dust hood. -- Controls: Push button electric controls conveniently mounted on carriage; integrated chip/dust hood, electric spindle brake, and spindle reversing gear to change from copying to manual working.
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Tony Cornacchione
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