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DEKKER VMAX 40 HP VACUUM PUMP (LIQUID RING)40 HP oil-sealed liquid ring compact motor-mounted vacuum pump system, 550 CFM, max. 29" Hg. -- Heavy duty construction:Compact design, small foot print, patented, high-efficiency DX-5 separator eliminates oil carry-over concerns.; Engineered for continuous operation -- Extended-lifeSeal-fluid is not used as a lubricant. Change interval is not critical, resulting in a minimum of (10,000) Hrs. of continuous operation. Sturdy bearing pedestal mounts to standard NEMA, C-face motor. -- Direct drive and with Low speed (1,750 RPM) eliminates the use of V-belts, resulting in very low maintenance and zero downtime.Over the full vacuum range without overheating. Air cooled design and low operating noise level.
Equipment Location:EASTERN CDN, AL