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Move any log anywhere with minimal power, disturbance and effort with a LogRite log arche. LogRite log arches are the most effective, ergonomic and useful tools for low impact forestry, arborist and portable sawmill applications. Log arches allow for low impact operations in sensitive areas, minimal ground disturbance and clean logs for portable sawmilling. LogRite arches are available in different sizes: small, midsize and large arches. The Tractor Arches (T30/T36)are designed to be used with tractors in demanding forestry and urban situations. The Tractor Arches are super strong and come in two sizes. The T30 is built to handle logs 30" in diameter and weighing up to 4,000 pounds. While the T36 will handle a 36" diameter log that weighs up to 6,000 pounds. The T30 has an 8' reach and is capable of carrying a 16' log fully suspended. The T36 has a 9' reach and is capable of carrying a 18' log. The arches are capable of carrying a 30' or longer log when using a Fetching Arch as the tag axle to pick up the tail. To use the Tractor Arches simply back the arch over the log and use the provided winch and choker line to hoist the log into place. Both sizes are equipped with a standard 3200 lb 2 speed hand winch and 3/8" choker line. Like the ATV Arch, the Tractor takes advantage of the doubling feature to help reduce the power needed to lift the log.
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