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Move any log anywhere with minimal power, disturbance and effort with a LogRite log arche. LogRite log arches are the most effective, ergonomic and useful tools for low impact forestry, arborist and portable sawmill applications. Log arches allow for low impact operations in sensitive areas, minimal ground disturbance and clean logs for portable sawmilling. LogRite arches are available in different sizes: small, midsize and large arches. Junior is the most indispensable back saving tool. Junior can pick up and carry any straight section of log from 4" to 16" in diameter weighing up to 1000 pounds and is able to fully suspend a 16' log by grabbing its midpoint or just beyond. By applying Junior at the midpoint of the log, the entire log weight is on the wheels and the effort to move, turn or position the log is minimal.
Equipment Location:Eaton Center, NH
Brownfield Equipment, Inc.