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BAUERRICHTER Automatic Polishing/Buffing machine for flat panels. -- Suitable for painted panels sprayed with multiple coats of high gloss polyurethane or polyester lacquer. -- Work Space: 62" wide vacuum hold down table. Pneumatic control, 63" by 157.5" (1600 mm X 4000 mm) machine bed (working surface) -- Polishing/Buffing heads: (2) sets of heads (one for polishing and one for buffing); (4) units per head of polishing and buffing; (4) foam disc, outside diameter of 7.5" (190 mm). Automatic dosing of paste and polish using (3) spray guns. (3) stainless steel tanks. Long wearing Molton textile with (21) rings per roll. -- Drives: Overhead gearmotor drive for head rotation and automatic panel height adjustment. Separate drive for transport of heads. -- Features: Programmable unit with (4) rotating and oscillating rollers on a turnstile with electromechanical height adjustment. Each roller with separate belted drive and integrated exhaust hood, pleated polishing rings (14-ply) with 13.8" (350 mm) outside diameter 3.1" (80 mm) bore. Pneumatic controlled pressure and precise adjustment. -- Controls: Control unit: Siemens SPU-CPU (CPU313C). Colour Touch screen display (OP177B) , Integrated automatic measurement system. (2) emergency stop buttons, (2) safety guard bands for emergency stop. -- Construction: Steel welded machine base & long material loading workspace. Fully enclosed heads for protection from dust and moisture with (2) inspection windows. Operation: Machine has built-in spray polishing and wax additives in tanks for the polishing and buffing process. Machine bed is loaded with panels, the central heads move over the panels, nozzles spray the exact dose of liquid polishing compound and the series of rotating/oscillating rolls do their work. Depending on lacquer type, gloss level required, and condition of the surface, polishing can be made in 2 - 4 passes before the buffing process. The polish heads are withdrawn and foam buffing heads are introduced to bring the high gloss shine up. This is all controlled by user-friendly PLC system.
Equipment Location:NORTHEAST, AL