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JAPA® 305+ A Success Story with New Features and Added Safety

Japa® 305+ is a continuation of the successful 305 series. We listened to our clients and introduced numerous improvements to the series. The Japa® 305+ is your choice if you are looking for a recreational machine which can be towed with a car or an ATV and take the machine to the raw material.

The new Japa® 305+ is available with an array of different options so that you can build the exact machine that suits your needs without having to pay for anything that you don’t need. The new series now features the much coveted infeed and two different options for an outfeed conveyor as well as a poistokouru.

We have developed the Japa® Road collection for clients who want to take the machine to their summer homes, the countryside or where ever the timber is. The Japa® 305+ Road series now features a bendable light panel making setting up easier than before.

We have also amended the cutting and splitting and it is now possible to perform the two functions simultaneously as in our professional product range. Our product safety team is proud to say that the wood is cut by a hydraulic chainsaw which for your safety only rotates during cutting. The Japa® 305+ features 5.6 tons of splitting force.

A top firewood machine requires a top-quality motor. Japa® firewood machines come equipped with the best motors and we set high standards to their start properties as well as power. All engines come from top manufacturers such as Honda and Briggs & Stratton and they have selected especially for Japa®.

The Japa® 305+ petrol engine model is now available with an electric start. We also offer a range of other power options.