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The Go Fast Triple Side DeDuster is the answer to sawdust and stringy material left on boards. Not only does it de-dust boards, this compact machine de-burrs stringy material off the sides of boards. The boards enter on the feed belt and push against a pressure plate, automatically indicating to the machine what width material is entering. An adjustable gate allows the rubber feed belt to pull the bottom board forward into the holdover wheel and past the side de-burring brush, which removes any stringy material from the side of the board. The hydraulic powered hold-over wheel automatically adjust between 3-1/2" and 6-1/2" board widths and drives the boards into the in-feed pinch wheel, through two rotating brushes, and out of the out-feed pinch wheel. The two stainless steel brushes sweep residual sawdust to the side. As the boards clear the gate, the next board drops and repeats the process. The Board Knocker System throws the stack backwards breaking frozen or stuck boards apart.