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AMERICAN WOOD DRYER Direct-Fired Lumber Kiln - New, still at MFG' place:Now offered at 20% discount off the original cost and complete with the following main components and features: -- 20’ x 54’ in size, 39,000 Board Foot (92.03 Cu. Meters) capacity or 62,100 linear feet capacity, Package Type, Front Loading, Dry Kiln Building features: -- Gable Roof. -- R-20 Insulated ALCLAD Aluminum Panels, stainless-lined. -- Fan Deck Grating. -- Motor removal equipment. -- Drystar® Computer Control System, single head zone with (4) Rtds. -- 10 MM BTU/Hr. Natural Gas Fired Furnace. -- Kiln control and furnace Room approx. 20’ x 30’ x 11’ high on lowest side. -- (12) Steel lumber backstops. -- (7) 20 HP Air Circulation Fans. -- (7) SIEMENS Variable Frequency Fan Drives for 20 HP Fans. -- Accu Spray air atomized cold water Spray System with (7) Spray Nozzles. -- Insulated Door mounted on overhead track.The following $-figures show the distribution of funds applied to the original purchase price of nearly ...$466,000: ● Kiln with Gas Fired Furnace: ...$391,310 (The furnace itself is approx. ...$100,000.) ● Control System: ...$16,540 ● Furnace Room: ...$33,145 ● Backstops: . ... $ 5,400 ● VFD’s: ...$14,500 ● Water Spray: ...$ 5,100NOTES: ● The manufacturing of this equipment is nearly complete but halted pending the sale to allow for new Buyer to make any modifications desired. The price offered includes balance payment due upon completion unless modifications are requested by Buyer. ● The equipment is located at AMERICAN WOOD DRYER, LLC, Clackamas, Oregon. ● Installation by the manufacturer can be acquired directly from AMERICAN at Buyer’s option. ● Warranty offered by AMERICAN WOOD DRYER as part of the factory installation.
Equipment Location:PACIFIC NORTHWEST
BARKER Boiler and Fuel System built & tested in 2011 as a pilot unit. Successful testing has been completed. This surplus equipment includes the following main features: -- Combustion Temp Capability- 2,000 deg.F.; Steam Flow 24,000 lbs/hr saturated; Steam Pressure 1,500 PSI @ 600 deg. F. -- Fuel Feed rate - 3,000 Lbs/hr at 1/4" biomass (5% moisture) -- Heat Input - 7,500 btu/Lbs HHV @ 22 mmbtu/hr. -- All equipment has less than 2,500 actual operating hours since installation.EQUIPMENT MAJOR COMPONENTS: Combustor, Cyclonic combustion technology, Refractory lined Heat Recovery. Steam Generator. Rotary Drum Dryer for Fuel drying - capable of 30% moisture reduction (at the above combustion parameters) and 1.5 tons per hour (installed as used equipment).BALANCE OF PLANT FUEL FEED SYSTEM: Live-bottom bin, Bunker, Feed conveyors, Wood hog, Vibrating screen, Drag and screw conveyors. Boiler water system - feed pump,water and steam piping Emissions Control: All required baghouses (SJVUAPCD) California permitted. -- Now REDUCED PRICE from $1.5 million !!
Equipment Location:WEST COAST
BUDZAR INDUSTRIES, INC. Thermal Oil Boiler with the following features: -- Electrically heated with a Full Load of 160 Amps. -- Max. working pressure: 50 PSI. -- Temperature range: 50° F to 450° F -- Designed flow rate: Zone 1, 120 GPM @ 75’ TDH. -- Previously used to heat a 14-opening plywood hot press. -- Save a bundle on this one - pay in Canadian dollars!
Equipment Location:WESTERN CDN
Shrink tunnel by DAMARK packaging systems -- Features 14" wide x 84" long x 12" high working tunnel opening (actual opening is slightly larger); live roller conveyor with 5/8" diameter polymer cover rollers on 1. 5" centers x 14" wide x 32" long with variable speed drive, (2) omron digital temperature controller (tunnel tested to 190 degrees c), heating and power indicator lights, main circut breaker, painted steel construction, manually operated tunnel height adjustment moves conveyor from 32 to 37" flooor height, 1/4 horsepower conveyor drive motor and mounted on casters with four interconnected legs.
Equipment Location:MTN/CENTRAL CDN
Plant Boiler System for up to 60,000 pounds of steam production per hour (1790 HP) with the following features and main components: -- (2) ENGLISH BOILER AND TUBE, INC. Boilers each rated for 20,700 pounds of steam per hour each. However, manufacturer specified they can be operated at 30,000 pounds per hour with dry wood or bark fuel (12 percent moisture). -- 250 PSI operating pressure ratings on each Boiler. -- VFD Drives on all main Motors. (The plant uses a maximum 75 HP for each boiler.) -- Electrical Controls. -- (1) Boiler has an Oil Burner for operating optionally on oil if sawdust or wood chips is not available. -- Chemical Water Conditioning System and Pumping System. -- De-aerator and Condensate Tank. -- Multi-clones for particle emissions reduction and abatement. -- (2) Fuel Storage Silos (25’x40’ & 20’x38’) with LAIDIG Model 243 Track-Driven Unloaders. -- Fuel Transfer Conveyors. -- The Silos also are included at the price shown and are available individually. See our listings DB-010162 and DB-010163 for details and individual pricing. -- Boilers can be purchased individually or as a pair. -- Professional removal and installation services are available.
Equipment Location:NORTHEAST
HURST Hot Water Boiler (no steam) with JOHN ZINK Burner fired by natural gas.• Max. Heat Input: 2,800,000 BTUs Per Hour (83 Boiler HP).• 350 Sq. Ft. of Heating Surface.• Max. design water pressure: 125 PSI.• Max. design water temperature: 250°F.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
KEELER 300 HP Boiler with a maximum operating pressure of 200 PSI. This Wood-Fired package Boiler has been hydrostatically tested. Despite its early beginnings, this is a fine unit in great condition!
Equipment Location:NORTHEAST
Laars Gas Fired Boiler 2.009M BTU Output, 189 Sq Ft. Heating Area, Model HH2450IN18KCACJX --Main unit pictured; tanks and other accessories included in the sale --Max W.P water 160 PSI --240 degrees max temp --189 sq ft heating surface --Natural gas --2,450,000 BTU/HR input --2,009,000 BTU/HR output --Maximum gas orifice size 19 DMS --Minimum input rate 735,000 BTU/HR
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
NYLE 30 (Similar to the newer HT42) Dehumidification Drying System:Complete packaged Dehumidification Drying System ready for installation into custom-built drying chamber. -- Designed to operate effectively at low humidity levels. -- The Model 30 has a load design capacity of 20,000 to 60,000 board feet (depending upon species and moisture content). -- Design temperature range of 80° to 160° F. Removes more than 2 tons (4,200 Lbs) of water per 24 hours.Complete with the following features: -- Nearly New CARLYLE 30 HP Compressor with latest Refrigerant specification. -- (5) 3 HP Circulation Fans. -- 7.5 HP Internal Blower. -- PARTLOW Chart Recorder, Model MRC 7000. -- Aluminum Cabinet. -- Copper Coils. -- Still in-place in good operating condition.This is a great unit with a huge capacity the same as the newer Model HT42.
Equipment Location:ATLANTIC CDN
NYLE L1200S Dry Kiln Heating unit -- Complete packaged dehumidification drying system ready for installation into custom-built drying chamber. -- Designed to operate effectively at low humidity levels; can bring moisture content to as low as 6%; patented "XDH" Control System is housed in a corrosion resistant, epoxy coated aluminum cabinet and operates over a wider range of temperatures with greater efficiency than any dryer available. -- The L1200S has a load capacity of (10,000 to 30,000) board feet (depending upon species and moisture content). Equipped with: -- 15 HP Compressor; a 3 HP internal blower; 48 kW of electric auxiliary heat. _ -- (4) 2 HP 30" dia. circulating fans; Fan reversing feature; (2) automatic over-temperature vents. -- Design temperature range of 70° to 160° F; removes 1250 lbs. of water per 24 hours. This unit is new and still in original crate!Now at a reduced price!
Equipment Location:EASTERN CDN
Lumber Dry Kiln with a total capacity of 122,000 board feet and the following major components and features: -- (2) KATRES AFK 61,000 BD. Ft. aluminum link chambers, 45' wide X 80' long X 26' high. -- (8) 0.5 HP Bi-directional computer controlled circulation fans. -- (2) 10 HP BECKETT blowers. -- (2) NYLE HT 108 dehumidification drying systems with (2) 40 HP compressors each. -- (1) 40 BHP BOILERSMITH oil fired boiler and BOILERSMITH receiver pump. -- These are forklift loaded kilns and price includes loading for transport. Buyer responsible for freight.These units are dissassembled and in storage.
Equipment Location:EASTERN CDN
ORION M-67 Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch WrapperThe M-67 model semi-automatic stretch wrapper rotates the film carriage around a stationary load. Ideal for unitizing the most difficult loads, including those that are extremely heavy, light, fragile or unstable. Structural steel construction for durability. -- Variable speed tower up to 16 RPM, DC controlled. Deadman start / stop controls. -- Maximum load size 48" L x 48" W x 80" H. Heavy-duty chain and sprocket drive. Ultra low wrap to within 1.5" of floor. Wrap 35 - 50 loads per hour. -- Film size 20" with 100% to 300% stretch with 200% being the standard. -- Includes: Push button and dial controls and personnel guarding.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
ORION M-67 Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch WrapperThe M-67 model semi-automatic stretch wrapper rotates the film carriage around a stationary load. Ideal for unitizing the most difficult loads, including those that are extremely heavy, light, fragile or unstable. Structural steel construction for durability. -- Variable speed tower up to 16 RPM, DC controlled. Deadman start / stop controls. -- Maximum load size 48" L x 48" W x 80" H. Heavy-duty chain and sprocket drive. Ultra low wrap to within 1.5" of floor. Wrap 35 - 50 loads per hour. -- Film size 20" with 100% to 300% stretch with 200% being the standard. Includes: Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1000 controller and non OEM fence packaging.
Equipment Location:SOUTHEAST
ORION MA-55 Rotary Tower Automatic Stretch WrapperORION 4-leg super-stable design, has become one of the top sellers for ORION. The Insta-Thread film delivery system faces the side for easier film loading and threading. Specifications: -- Rotation Speed: 18 FPM -- Production capacity: 50-60 loads per hour -- Maximum load size: 48" x 48" -- Load Height: 15" min. max. 80" -- Conveyor width 48", height 22.5" Includes and Equipped with: -- Approx. 50' of powered 2-strand chain conveyor and powered roller conveyor. -- Pneumatic film clamp and cut. -- Variable up/down film carriage speed, variable film tension with auto package height adjustment. Independent top and bottom wrap counts: 1 to 3 wraps each. -- Allen-Bradley SLC 5/04 controller. -- Closing safety gates when load is being wrapped.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
PIROBLOC Model GFT-040, ...Thermal Oil Heater:Capacity of 2 MM BTUs per hour max. with the following features and components: -- RIELLO Burner Model RLS-50 with a min. turn-down cap. of 490 M BTU/Hr and a max. continuous duty of 2 MM BTU/Hr; Dual Fuel Burner – Natural gas / #2 light oil Burner;; Fan Motor with 0.75 HP. -- Expansion Tank: 24” x 60”. -- Circulation Pump: 10 HP Motor. -- Temperature Controller, Exhaust Chimney, High Temperature Limit Switch, Pressure Differential Switch, and Low Oil Level in the Expansion Tank Switch. -- The unit is complete and installed on a Steel Plate Skid (with lift channels), as shown, for easy transport and installation. -- Overall size of 5’ x 10’ long; Boiler size of 87” long x 73” wide x 51” high. -- Specify voltage requirement upon placing the order.Option: Remote Control option to operate the system to stop, start, temperature change, and other controls via a telephone or portable unit.
Equipment Location:EASTERN CDN
This SBA 800 is a ring wrapper feed trough type. -- Inside ring diameter 12". -- Ring rotation from 5 to 75 RPM. -- Automatic film clamp cutter. -- Conveyor forward/reverse switch. -- Ring and Frame specification: Precision machined steel carriage support ring; Friction drive, two urethane wheels; Acrelyc safety guards restric access to wrap zone; Electrical safety interlocks to power off the machine when access door are open.
Equipment Location:EASTERN CDN
SAMUEL SOA-725 / 18 Orbital Stretch Wrapper. Used for long or lean shaped packages. Unit can be programmed for banding only or a full "cocoon" wrap around the product. -- Unit Includes; 18" diameter wrapping ring for a max. package 10" x 10". Powered in-feed and out-feed conveyors, 6" W x 36" L each plus (2) roller tables at each end -- Available; (16-20) rolls of stretch wrap at an extra cost.
Equipment Location:ATLANTIC CDN
SHANKLIN T-72 Heat Shrink Tunnel. Dual Chamber Heat Tunnel. -- Includes; (2) .75 HP blowers. Separate side mounted control panels w/ E-Stop control. Mesh conveyor belt, height 40" (adjustable), width 15", overall length 130" height 40". -- Overall heat tunnel opening 9" H x 22" W. -- Adjustable temperature range from 50 - 500 degrees.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
THERMAL FLUID SYSTEMS "KH 0.315/50" Hot Water Boiler, 1.26 Million BTU/Hour Output.Specifications & Description: -- Natural Gas 572° F max. temp.; 60 GPM rated flow, 57 GPM min. flow; Gas supply pressure of 5 - 7 PSI. -- MAXON Burner “400 OvenPack II”. -- HONEYWELL “UDC 3000 VERSA PRO” Universal Digital Controller. -- HONEYWELL “MODUTROL IV” Motors (#M7248). -- HONEYWELL Solid-state Spark Generator, high/low gas pressure switches, and flame detection.Equipped & Supplied with: -- (2) Safety shut-off valves; 150 Lbs max. pressure; 150 gallon volume (system volume approx. 210 gallons). -- Blower with 0.75 HP motor. -- Expansion Tank - WENDLAND MFG: National board #1633; 50 PSI @ 650° F.Dimensions & Weight: -- Tank dimensions are 60” L x 18” dia.; overall dimensions of tank including stand are 80” L x 44” W x 84” H; -- Control Panel dimensions are 48” x 18” x 80”; -- Heater dims. (drip pan) are 96” x 132” x 84”. - Weighs approx. 12,000 Lbs. -- Manuals and prints included.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
Italian made Hot Water Boiler specifically designed to burn woody & other types of biomass; this particular configuration comes with the following key features: -- 40 HP (1.587 MM BTU/Hr). -- Steel boiler with a high aluminia content refractory coating. -- Movable, refractory steel combustion grill for burning solid biomass with medium-high moisture content up to 44% wet basis moisture content (up to 80% on a dry basis) or biomass similiar in moisture to green wood. -- Water content: 1,350 Liters (357 gallons); Combustion Chamber Volume: 1.25 m³; Post Combustion Chamber Volume: 0.60 m³; Heat Exchanging surface: 40.56 m². -- Moving grate surface: 1.02 m²; Heat Exchanger weight: 3,228 kG (7,117 Lbs). -- Base Weight: 4,158 kg (9,167 Lbs); weight of (1) m³ Feeder: 860 kG (1,896 Lbs). -- Boiler Dimensions: Total Length: 5.8 Meters (228.35"); Total Height: 3.15 Meters (124"); Total Width without ash auger: 1.7 Meters (66.9"); Total Width with ash auger: 2.4 Meters (94.49"). -- This system is in excellent condition, located in a stand-alone building with removable roof & easy access for disassembly and removal; built in 2004, but installed in 2010 - why pay more for new!
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
GEBRUDER WEISS KG - 250 HP, Three-pass Fire Tube/ Water Tube Boiler with Biomass Burner and the following additional features• Type…………………DZ-100-UVD• National Board #........35• Steam rating…………….8,025 Lbs• Design pressure……….200 PSI• Heating Surface……….1,076 SQ.FT. -- Fuel composition: Green or dry chips, sawdust, edgings, slab wood and block wood. (This boiler can burn just about any biomass material in any form.) -- Decommissioned in 2009. Our steam consumption decreased and we installed a smaller boiler.Hard to find kind of boiler that can burn green wood!
Equipment Location:MID ATLANTIC
WULFTEC WHP-200 STRECH WRAPPER -- Semi-Automatic Octagon Turntable -- 14" Above the floor -- 51" Diameter turntable -- 40 to 50 Loads per hour -- Load size; 56" wide x 56" long x 76" tall -- Load weight 4,000 lbs -- Separate up and down carriage size -- Top cover pause switch -- Auto height sensing photo eye with on/off switch -- 20" Powered pre-stretch carriage -- Shipping dimensions; 123" high x 51" wide x 111": long (can knock down) -- New DC motor controller for film carriage
Equipment Location:SOUTH
WULFTEC WRT-200 Semi-Automatic Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper The WULFTEC WRT-200 is the ideal stretch wrapper for your unique requirements. All Wulftec structures are made of heavy-duty steel for rugged performance, even in the harshest work environments. Specifications: -- Maximum Load Size: Maximum wrap size 104" diagonal x 104" H. Machine built with optional 2' wrap arm extension. Maximum height under rotary arm 123". Load weight unlimited. Machine dimensions 141" L x 174" W x 141 H (adjustable). -- Structure: Heavy-duty structural steel construction. Free standing, integrated, floor mounted (4) leg design. -- Film Delivery System: 20" NO-THREAD® Powered Pre-Stretch Carriage. Allen-Bradley variable frequency drive with 1 HP AC motor. 50-400% pre-stretch ratio (preset to customer spec, standard 200%). Electronic film tension control with analog sensor. Proximity sensor on carriage gate to ensure gate is properly closed. -- Film Carriage Drive: Allen-Bradley variable frequency drive with 1 HP AC motor. Two #50 carriage lifting chains. Dual structural steel supporting boom. -- Rotary Arm Drive: Heavy duty 25" ring gear with pinion gear drive. Allen Bradley variable frequency drive with 1 HP AC motor. Variable speed 0-12 RPM. Electronic soft start/stop. Positive arm alignment controlled by proximity sensor. Protection guard over the ring gear. -- Controls: Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC with 24V control system. NEMA 4/12 control cabinet (can be located up to 10' from machine frame). Auto-height sensing photo-eye. Power on/off switch and status light. Start/stop push button.NOTE: Price includes loading and the unit fully prepared for shipping.
Equipment Location:PACIFIC NORTHWEST